Character modeling inside of MoI

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Pozero, well if you can create the model that you want then it should be fine... You should be able to assign bones to a model that was originally made in MoI just the same as assigning bones to any other imported polygon data.

But most people don't use MoI for this type of thing because MoI's overall toolset and mechanisms are oriented more towards industrial / semi-mechanical type modeling and not doing highly detailed organic shapes.

One big area of character modeling is doing faces. Faces are just easier to do in a polygon modeling program since their toolset is focused on sort of a "sculpting" type approach where you push and pull points in the 3D cage mesh to adjust shapes. They have a lot of tools that are specifically designed to do a lot of fine tuning adjustements to the point cage to do this.

MoI is focused on a much different approach of modeling - more drawing outline curves and then constructing surfaces from them, I usually compare it more to drawing or illustration rather than sculpting.

The polygon modeler approach I think is more like sculpting since you pull and push more directly on little bits of the surface to change it.

These different modeling styles tend to have strong points in building different types of models. Sculpting is great for faces and characters, but not good for industrial or mechanical type shapes. The drawing and construction type approach is great for industrial/mechanical but not as good for shapes with very small details and folds in them like faces and characters often have.

If your character is more simplified and not super detailed with little wrinkles and folds, then MoI's drawing type approach will tend to be ok for that type of thing.

- Michael