Draw on a Surface with a line

Hi Michael,

Fantastic application! I love it....
I am a relic of The silicon Graphics age back in 1991...when Alias Studio cost $50,000. I used Alias Studio on an SGI running Irix. To me, the original Alias Studio was the Holy Grail of design tools, I think my memory glorifies it more than it was, but compared to the DOS applications on my home computer, it simply looked Alien. Its sad, this beautiful approach to building 3D surfaces was available to mankind almost twenty years ago. Anyway, no need to dwell on the past. I recently saw a demo of Alias Studio, it had this great 3D sketching tool that you can use with a tablet. What sucks is that they adopted MAYA's Interface for Studio a while back. Essentially killing the Alias product with its dizzying mosaic of tiny picture buttons & right click pop up menu's that turns the work flow into this oppressive sludge. Its almost Ironic that of all companies AutoDesk acquired Alias, the people who brought the world Autocad, an application who's interface still carries hints of its DOS & vector roots...blahh!

Back to MOI . . .
I'm glad that you focused on simplicity with MOI it looks great and I love its workflow. Here is the first thing on my wish list.

Something that Alias did not have...
In real life you can draw on a vase or on curved surface guided by the tip of your pencil and your eye's ability to perceive spacial differences.
However landing a line on a curved spline surface with a user looking through some obfuscated window at the surface is a dicey situation.
I'm sure the math is inherently more complicated since Sketchup can only do this on Flat Surfaces. It also guides the users pen with dotted line axis indicators which helps so much because you always know where the line is headed. Is it technically possible to draw with any line tool directly on spline surfaces as if the line were restricted to motion only on the surface contour. If a line is not possible, could you land points on a surface, since a point can simply be a line intersecting the surface in space. Maybe each point could reference the surface normals around it to fix an axis point on the surface then chain points together to form an accurate line. I am not sure if I am describing this technically correct but I know from Rhino3d and Alias that you can project lines on to surfaces and then trim and cut those surfaces into new shapes. I would love to just take my tablet and draw on the model with the pen, the surface would automatically split into two distinct surfaces and then I could push and pull the thing into new shapes. I mean Sketchup solved so many of 3D modelings problems, there is no need to look back, if ability & time permits it.

Thanks Love your product.....