Bug with Graphic Pen?

 From:  Michael Gibson
974.2 In reply to 974.1 
Hi Moose, hmmm that is the first time that I have heard of this problem.

MoI doesn't really do anything special to access the pen, it just relies on Windows sending cursor movement information just through the same method that a mouse does.

It sounds like somehow your tablet goes into "relative" tablet mode when MoI is running.

Is it possible that you have a customized setting in the tablet driver for MoI?

To check this, go to Start / Control Panel / Wacom tablet.

That brings up the controls for the Wacom driver - near the top of this dialog there is a list that says: "Applications with Customized Tool Settings". Is there a MoI.exe in that list?

If there is you might want to remove it to use the same settings for everything, or go change the "Positioning Mode" entry down below to "Pen Mode" instead of "Mouse Mode".

If the problem persists, it might be a good idea to go to Wacom's web site and download the newest version of their driver.

- Michael