OBJ export and Blender

 From:  Michael Gibson
973.7 In reply to 973.1 
Hi Syziph, yes that command reference will probably help, look for the section labeled "Meshing options".

From your description, it sounds like vertices are not welded. That means that some polygons have their own individual vertices where they are matching up along an edge, instead of the polygons being hooked into the same shared vertices there.

Being unwelded means that the polygons are not really "connected" to one another, so some operations that deal with connections between polygons like smoothing will behave differently.

When you export from MoI, expand the Meshing options dialog by the little arrow in the lower-left corner and make sure the "Weld vertices along edges" is checked.

However, it is also possible that Blender's importer automatically separates (unwelds) vertices because of limitations in how it handles vertex normal information. The OBJ file can have different UV texture and normal information at each point of a face - I think that Blender does not support this kind of per-face information and needs to have things like UVs specified per vertex instead. This means that it will break things into separate vertices so that it can assign different values to the different vertices, basically unwelding things. Sorry that is difficult to explain easily but basically to sum it up the Blender importer may separate points itself.

To fix it, there is probably some kind of "merge vertices" or "weld" or "combine points" type command in Blender, you could use that to weld the points together to get the kind of smoothing that you want.

It may also be possible to disable importing UVs or vertex normals on import - that would probably stop the importer from separating the points.

> Do you have any plans for internal renderer or integration with free
> raytracers (I mean exporting scenes, lights, materials) ?

Yes, I definitely want to add some basic rendering features built in to a future version, including being able to assign and export materials.

I'm not completely sure when this will come though, probably there will still be some more modeling functionality that I will focus on for a while first.

- Michael