OBJ export and Blender

 From:  Syziph
Hello everyone!
I am silently following the progress of MoI development and the amaising stuff you created including rendered models.
I am using Blender for modeling and rendering but find hard to import OBJ files from MoI, which stops me from using the latter.
First I cannot understand OBJ export settings completely and how to optimize the model.
Second when I import that obj file into Blender - when not smoothed - it looks great. However when I smooth the object, everything becomes messy (like the model has overlapping polygons with different direction of the normals. Also I have to correct the mesh point by point because different parts are not joined (although I apply Join operation in MoI).
I am sorry for not supporting my description of the problem with images but don't have at the moment.
I will be gratefull for any explanation! Thanks!

Out of topic:
MoI is very intuitive and easy to learn which is great advantage as modeling tool. Do you have any plans for internal renderer or integration with free raytracers (I mean exporting scenes, lights, materials) ?