Can't get used to MoI's way

 From:  Michael Gibson
972.4 In reply to 972.3 
Hi JTB - moving has a type of deleting step built into it. If after a command ends, the objects do not look the same as they did at the start (I mean exactly the same, in the same location and everything), it means that those original objects have been deleted and new ones created.

That's what I mean in this case by deleting.

So for example extrude does not do any type of deleting at all - after the extrude is finished, the objects that went in as inputs to the extrude are exactly the same as before.

With moving, the objects are not exactly the same as before, they have been updated to a new version.

> I didn't try to move the 3d object, I moved everything.

Right, but everything includes the 3d object as well.

Once that 3d object has been moved (whether by itself or along with everything else, it doesn't matter), the previous version of it has been deleted, and that breaks the chaining effect that history currently relies on.

But I think what you are expecting is reasonable - I think it should be possible to change version 2 to work like you want for this case.

- Michael