Can't get used to MoI's way

 From:  Michael Gibson
972.2 In reply to 972.1 
Hi JTB, you get the same result in other programs that use this style of "modeling relation" type history for example Rhino or Alias will also break the history on an object if you try to modify the output object (the extruded object) directly by dragging it or whatever.

I think it should be possible to change this particular thing in V2 to work more like you are expecting. As far as the mechanics behind the scenes go, it would mean basically ignoring your direct modification of the output object and reconstructing it from the input objects instead, same as if you had moved only just the curves.

For version 1.0 history is limited in many ways. Lots of stuff is limited in version 1 just because it would otherwise take 10 years to finish version 1 and that just doesn't work very well.

But I definitely want to add more history functionality in the future, and I have some plans for improving history so that it will work with more commands like booleans.

Right now the chain of history will be broken in commands that involve deleting an object.

For example with a boolean, performing the boolean operation involves deleting the old version of an object, and then creating a new version. Anything like this that involves deleting will interrupt history.

History does work for commands that only involve creation, like for example Extrude or Loft. When you create an extrude nothing is deleted, just something new is created - history will work in these situations where you can modify the input objects and the output will be recreated.

- Michael