Can't get used to MoI's way

 From:  Michael Gibson
972.11 In reply to 972.10 
Hi xrok1 - yes there are potential problems either way. Sometimes I have to just kind of guess which problem will be more frequently run across and then avoid that one and live with the less frequent one.

Eventually I want to have some UI that will let you get in there and edit these history values directly, in this case with either placing another point above the curve's plane or by a specific numeric distance. That would be the general thing that would solve this.

One other idea that I had was if I left it as a point defined in history, that it might be a good signal when you select the input and output objects at the same time and move them, to transform the point values in history by moving them by the same distance. That would generally help with relocating some other kinds of history-related operations that work with points, like for example revolve. The points for the revolve axis in history can't easily be converted into some portable value unlike the extrusion distance.

- Michael