Can't get used to MoI's way

 From:  JTB
I like MoI very much, I think it can be a great app if you keep it simple like it is now (at least the UI).
I have a problem and I would like an answer...
I can't get used to MoI's non-forgiving and not flexible way. Maybe it is because it is too early for MoI, maybe there are some NURBS limitations, I don't know...
Let me explain
001 : A rectang and a circle
002 : extruded both together to create a hole. If I move the circle, the holes moves too... That is good, that is what I want
003,004 : selected all together and moved
005: Nothing works now.

Moi's history is something different from what I have seen so far... What I have created here, is a boolean object and this should remain always.
I mean, no matter where I place my object, I should be able to manipulate the components (rectang and circle). I should also be able to export it as a boolean object and save it and use it as part of a library.
I know there is no modification history in MoI now, but what are your plans?
I think it is the most important thing, it is how we work with MoI... Dimensions, properties and things like that will be added, I know you have them in mind... But what about the modeling workflow?

***There is always a better way to do things... Just find your Moment of Inspiration***