Floating palettes?

 From:  Michael Gibson
97.3 In reply to 97.1 
Eventually I would like to provide some mechanisms like this. But it is quite a bit of effort to do that. For the first release I decided to focus on just trying to make the default setup as streamlined as possible.

I'm not so sure about a bunch of floating palettes, though - I think it's kind of annoying when too many of those things are sitting around kind of getting in the way of seeing your objects inside the viewports... One idea that I had was to make a zone of the bottom toolbar be a spot where you could drag and drop buttons on to - currently on a high resolution display there can be empty space from the right of the "Object Snap" button to the "Options" button. I thought this could be a nice area to be able to populate with stuff of your choice.

The other thing is possibly a single floating toolbox that had some way of summoning it and dismissing it easily (possibly middle-click).

That stuff is not really feasible to achieve for the V1 release, though.

It is actually possible to edit the UI currently, but only through editing text files, not through drag and drop. All the UI files of MoI are available inside the MoI directory under Program Files, inside the /ui subfolder. It's possible to change these UI files and that will change the UI of MoI when you run it the next time. So if you really, really want to have your favorite button somewhere else right now, let me know and I can walk you through how to do it. It is a bit involved, though. And you would have to repeat it on every beta release as well.

- Michael