future of MOI

 From:  jbshorty
off-topic, but - I don't think unbiased rendering is the future for everybody. There is another alternative such as Modo which is a hybrid of unbiased and biased engine. I considered buying Fry, but just can't wait for those long render times. Yesterday i had to render 5 different color variations of a beaded necklace for a client. It had over 1,400 glass beads (mesh instances) all with refraction plus a bunch of metal components with colored enamel inlays. Modo rendered an 800 x 640 image in less than 10 minutes with 2 GI bounces and using blurry reflections on the ground plane and all of the metal shaders. In less than one hour i rendered out all 5 color variations... How many days would this take with Fry or (even worse) with Maxwell?