future of MOI

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Olda,

> What the MOI is and what it wants to be.

Well I guess I'd call MoI a design tool.

Currently the focus is just on the modeling part of creating a design - drawing shapes and creating the form of your model.

The emphasis is on making it really quick and easy to create simple models.

In the future I expect to generally add more stuff that designers typically want to do during the process of creating their stuff, like putting in some annotations like dimension lines, doing renderings to help communicate your design to other people, etc... But probably in the closer term the focus will still be on adding more modeling stuff for a little while yet.

I do not have a 100% completely fixed plan in place for future development, I have a lot of ideas on stuff that I'd like to do, but priorities can shift around depending on user feedback.

Do you have ideas on stuff that you'd like to see in MoI in future versions?

- Michael