future of MOI

 From:  pipemaker (OLDA)
Hallo others.

I am new here, so sorry for some silly questions. I am thinking about a another software beside SketchUp and Kerkythea renderer (which I have to recommend to all).
I am looking for something that alowes creating more free shapes. I am thinking about Rhino but MOI could also fill my needs. I have been observing this discusion a few months ( maybe not well) and I haven`t noticed good discusion about future development. What the MOI is and what it wants to be. Better structured discusion forum would be also helpfull to many potencional users. A few years Kerkythea renderer was I think in similar situation and now it is very usefull renderer with good support of keen people.

I am looking for some responce

Olda Jirsa