Script advice?

 From:  Paul (AIRGLASS)
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Hi all,
Here's the final versions of the script I was working on that somebody else might find handy (Thanks to Michael for his help!).
QuickSplit_XYZ cuts an object along an axis defined on the
script command line.
To set it up: add the script to the moi/commands directory,
hook it up to a hotkey in MoI's options dialog, with the script command
< QuickSplit_XYZ X (or Y or Z)>, separate the parameter by a space
from the command. To use: pick an object, hit your hotkey, and pick a cutting
location on the object. It will be split at that location
along the specified axis.
QuickSplit_Angle works the same way, no parameters needed, but will split
an object along an angled line defined by 2 picked points. (pick the object,
hit your hotkey, pick 1st point, pick 2nd point, object is cut.)
Both scripts are intended for use in the Top, Front, and Right viewports.