Script advice?

 From:  Paul (AIRGLASS)
Hi Michael,
I'm trying to put together yet another convenience script, but yet again I'm stuck!
The idea is to be able to split an object quickly using a point picked on the object as the cutting location,
generate a line, extrude a plane and use the plane to split the object using boolean diff. (I reused alot of the code from your CSec script). Anyway, every thing works well up until the boolean operation, at which point nothing happens. I'm assuming that I'm not referencing the plane I create correctly, when I use it as input for
Booleanfactory.setInput( 1, Cuttingplane ); , but I have no idea at this point. The cutting plane is set up as var Cuttingplane = PlaneList.item(0); Any advice on what I'm doing wrong?