Corners Point & Repeat

 From:  Michael Gibson
96.2 In reply to 96.1 
It actually doesn't matter if repeat is enabled or not, corner points will work the same either way.

Repeat only controls what happens when the command has completely finished - if repeat is on then the command will restart when it is completely finished.

But when you place a corner point, you're not exiting the command yet, you're still inside the curve command when you finish placing the corner point (unless it is the final point), so that's why repeat doesn't have an effect on this particular thing.

I kind of wanted to make it easy to place just a single corner point. If I keep corner point active instead of clearing it after your pick, it will be less convenient to place just a single corner, because you'll have to go back there to clear it again after you have set it.

If you are doing a curve that has a large number of only corner points on it, then that is the same thing as a polyline, you can just use the polyline tool to draw that type of a thing...

For the next beta, I've added something to this so that you can hold down the Ctrl key when you click to make a corner point, as a shortcut to checking the "Make corner" box. This will work for Curve by control points and through points, and Edit/Add point.

- Michael