Filet, Boolean, "planar"

 From:  MoI beta tester (MOI-TESTER)

Next informations:

1. FILET: I try make some car door. There is a problem with filet when I select all line around like that 4 on the pic. I can't use filet. I know the reason polygons have other angle for example poly 1 to poly 2 or poly 3. Filet work but only when I select one edge by one (it's not good). On the secound pic you can see resoult I selct one edge make filet and next select secound edge and make filet in the same size filet. Offcourse result are different. When we select few edges filet can't work like that must have the same size for all of them.

2. Boolean: boolean should have split options not only A-B , A+B and Insect. Split is using for example when we want create car door line etc. Split working like cut line (in polygonal technik)

3. "planar" - is there any options like cap and but for using in ready model?? For example look on the pic filet there is some hole (I want use there split but I can't see that options:)) so how can I cap that hole?

4. I think there can be options like outline. When we select object and want extrude all line who are arround (or all line in the hole in object) it's wasting time to select line/edge by edge that option will be wery helpfull.