modeling a mug & spoon

 From:  Michael Gibson
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re #1 - are those curves that come down from the circle long segments that cross each other at the bottom?

If so, then you will need to cut them up so that you have 4 smaller segments there instead of 2 longer segments. To do this, select them both and run Edit / Trim, then push Done and Done again.

Network surface needs the curves that go into it to have a kind of 2D grid arrangement. With the long crossing curves, it doesn't make for a clear 2D arrangement.

But it also looks like everything is symmetrical there - if it is then you could also use Construct / Revolve to build that instead of Network.

re #2 - there isn't any way currently to change the direction of the offset, it will always offset within the same plane of the curve.

But if you want to offset horizontally, that is the same thing as making a duplicate of the curve, so use Transform / Copy for that instead.

The mug looks nice!

Let me know if you need more information,

- Michael