thank you very much!

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Ket - just wanted to let you know about one technique that makes it possible to calculate a shear/skew with curves right now.

It's kind of a sneaky trick, I don't expect it to become a standard operating combination like Copy/Paste of edges is, but it may be useful to you until there is a proper Shear command.

So say for example you want to shear this curve:

Select the curve and run Construct / Planar. This builds a plane surface that is trimmed to the outline of the curve - the curve must be a closed loop for this to work. Hit delete after the planar surface is constructed to delete the original curves.

Now select the surface and use Edit / Show pts to turn on surface control points. There will be 4 points shown at the corners of the plane. The plane is usually quite a bit bigger than the curves, you need to zoom out to see them.

Now you can select the top two points of the surface and slide them over which will produce an exact shearing effect on the trim curves. Extract out the updated Trim curves by Copy / Paste (if you have a lot of little edges, select just one at first and then do Ctrl+A to select all the other edges).

It can also be nicer to use the ShrinkTrimmedSrf command which when applied to the trimmed plane will shrink the plane down so it is right around the trim curves. There isn't a button for ShrinkTrimmedSrf, to use it you have to set up a new keyboard shortcut under Options / Shortcut keys.

Hope this may be useful,

- Michael