Just for MoI / Poser users

 From:  Pozero
I want to talk with MoI users which use MoI and POSER . I am Poser 7 user and I am amazed by possibilities of MoI modeling software but I have some problems which I can only ask people who's also using MoI files inside of Poser. So if there is Poser users on this forum I'd want to know.

My question for MoI / Poser users is : HOW you use your MoI obj. files in Poser to apply them different textures, materials, coclurs and bones ???

For example , I have SHARK head modeled in MoI. It's made of head, jaws, eyes and teeths. I can see different polygons of Shark Head in Poser when I use Grouping Tool. Red surfaces represents different polygons, but HOW to use every each of them for texturing or boning ?