Importing and Saving MoI files to Poser

 From:  Pozero
I made 3D Soldier Hat in MoI and exported it as OBJ file to my Poser 7. Here are my EXPORTING options- Meshing Options:

Maximum polygons, OUTPUT: N-gons, DISPLAY:Shaded+Edges, Weld Vertices Along Edges switched OFF, Angle 3, Divide Larger Than/empty/CURVED, Avoid Smaller Than/empty, Aspect Ratio Limit/empty

And now I don't realize how to save it in Poser. I tryed in Libraries\Props but my hat is deformed or somehow cutten when I load him into scene.
Is there some MESHING OPTIONS mistakes in my exported file which are noncompatibile with Poser ?
Or is there some better solution when I import my MoI 3D props in Poser then my selected Exporting/Meshing options?

Regards to all of you 3D artists :-)