Some documentation available now

 From:  Michael Gibson
931.31 In reply to 931.26 
Hi Schbeurd, I have tuned up the "2-distance" chamfer to work better now, you can check it out if you want with this patch:

It works better with edge selection now, it can now handle that type of situation that you showed.

The way it works is if there is a face in common between the selected edges, that face will get distance 1.

Also if there is only one edge selected (like just one on a box), the 2-distance mode will still work but it will be kind of arbitrary which side will be distance 1, but you can just swap the distances yourself in this case. I figure that is better than reverting to 1-distance mode which is what it used to do.

I'll also update that part of the docs.

Thanks for reporting this!

- Michael