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 From:  Michael Gibson
931.28 In reply to 931.26 
Hi Schbeurd!

> Is there a reason why a 2 distances chamfer can only by applied to faces, not to edges ?

Well there has to be some way to associate which side of the edges will get the first distance, and it needs to be consistently applied to all edges so this means that some face needs to be marked somehow as being the "distance 1" side.

Right now you can actually use edges instead of faces, if all edges of a face are selected. That will also mark that particular face as getting distance 1.

But I should be able to tune this up so that instead of needing every single edge of a face selected, it will allow fewer than that and check to see if all the selected edges have one face in common and use that face as the "distance 1" face. That would allow for the example that you show, it looks like it shouldn't be difficult to make this change, I'll give it a try a bit later.

- Michael