Some documentation available now

 From:  Michael Gibson
931.11 In reply to 931.9 
Hi Ed,

> I feel a real plus for this type of documentation is a section that
> ties it all together. A tutorial at the end, such as the recent water
> bottle example, would be excellent.

Yeah, the plan is that there will actually be 3 different sections to the documentation, with this command reference being one of them.

There will also be an introductory section which will give more of a general overview of how the UI functions overall, and then a tutorials section that will have some videos for building a few different models.

> Also, I would recommend a troubleshooting section containing things
> to look for when you don't get the expected results. This would save time
> scanning the forum for answers.

Since this is usually related to something in a particular command, I'll probably be trying to incorporate these kinds of things directly into the entry for each command in the command reference.

As I continue to get more questions in the forum, I will be trying to add the answers to the documentation so it should grow over time.

- Michael