From:  Michael Gibson
928.4 In reply to 928.3 
> what about an option to automatically make the fillet radious smaller
> at these "pinch" points? sort of a tangent propogation thingy.

It might be possible at some point, but unfortunately it is a rather difficult calculation to make.

There is some stuff in there that actually makes an attempt to handle those pinched areas by trimming the fillet back and putting a kind of smooth blend patch in those bunched/pinched areas, but it doesn't tend to work very well. I hope that it will get tuned up some more in future versions of the geometry library that I'm using.

> so what about my other questions, any comment?

Oops sorry I forgot about those after digging into the model.

> also on a side note ,are there plans to add a draw on surface and cut-extrude option?

I do want to explore both of these in the future. Drawing on a surface will be quite a lot of work since it will involve changes to every drawing tool, so it might be a while before I'll be able to devote enough time to that one.

By cut/extrude do you mean doing an extrusion that creates a kind of protrusion or pocket in a solid all in one step? That's also something I want to try as an option to extrude in a future version, it is probably not quite as difficult.

> it would also be nice to have a checkbox beside the hide tool for show/hide 2D & 3D independantly.

I've generally got to be kind of careful not to get too many checkboxes and buttons all at the top level.

The way I think this will get solved will be to have some additional selection tools that help you build your selection with particular types of objects easier, then that can help out many different kinds of commands instead of just hide.

But it is actually possible to set up some script macros on a shortcut key that will do this now.

To do this, go to Options / Shortcut keys, and add in a new key with this as the command:

script:moi.geometryDatabase.getObjects().getCurves().setProperty( 'hidden', true );

After setting that up, pushing that key will hide all curves.

You can set up a different key to use this command to hide all surfaces and solids, leaving curves alone:

script:moi.geometryDatabase.getObjects().getBReps().setProperty( 'hidden', true );

Hope this helps!

- Michael