exporting 2d

 From:  tyglik
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Hi Paul,

>>"sheetcam" is a 2 and 1/2D cam program and it is very fast and easy to rout holes pockets etc.
>>The only problem is that it needs dxf files .

If SheetCAM can generate a path from "21/2D" or 3D DXF file then you could try translating STL file to DXF one by ADMesh (http://www.varlog.com/products/admesh/).

So after you download and unzip this file, the workaround would be:
- draw 2d curves in MoI
- extrude it slightly (e.g. 10 units)
- export surfaces as STL (only upper/lower edge will be important when adjusting mesh parametres in meshing dialog window)
- put the STL file along with "admesh.exe" and "stl2dxf.js" in the same directory
- run stl2dxf.js (double click on it)
- you should get a DXF files for all STL files which will be found in given directory

Now, you can try importing DXF file into SheetCAM...