exporting 2d

 From:  Michael Gibson
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This script macro might be useful for some data transfer stuff - this will duplicate every edge of every surface or solid in the scene as a regular independent curve object. Those curve objects can then be processed into DXF using that utility.

You can do this manually by selecting all the edges and doing copy/paste, this just makes it easier to process everything with one keystroke if you've got multiple objects.

script:var breps = moi.geometryDatabase.getObjects().getBReps(); for ( var iBrep = 0; iBrep < breps.length; ++iBrep ) { var brep = breps.item(iBrep); var edges = brep.getEdges(); for ( var iEdge = 0; iEdge < edges.length; ++iEdge ) { var newedge = edges.item(iEdge).clone(); moi.geometryDatabase.addObject( newedge ); } }

To use it, go to Options / Shortcut keys and set up a new one, paste this in as the Command part.

- Michael