From:  Michael Gibson
916.3 In reply to 916.2 
No, there isn't any way to do that right now, it is definitely something that will come in future versions though.

For now, it is possible to use window select to grab a group of edges. The way it works is first select one edge by clicking. Once an edge of a solid is selected, you can then do window selects and the window will grab edges. If you drag the window from the left towards the right, you will see a solid window rectangle - this kind of window only selects things that are completely inside of it. If you drag starting from the right towards the left, you will see a dashed outline - this kind selects anything that intersects the window even partially.

Sometimes one of those methods helps to grab a set of edges instead of needing to click on each one.

Also if you are selecting the edges for filleting, you can also select a face to fillet instead of edges, and all the edges that belong to that face will be targeted for filleting. Sometimes that can help too.

- Michael