how do I break a cube?

 From:  Michael Gibson
915.3 In reply to 915.1 
Hi Moose, it can be tough to do random-looking things in MoI, randomness tends to work better in a polygon mesh modeler, since it is easier in a polygon modeler to disturb points while keeping the model all connected together.

But here's one method that may work for you in MoI:

First, I went to the front view and used Draw curve / Freeform / Sketch to draw a few curves that kind of take a bite out of the cube - here I drew 3 of them:

Then select these curves and use Construct / Revolve to make solids from them - for the revolve axis, draw an angled line above them like this:

That will create this result:

You can now delete the curves. Select all the revolved solids with a window select, and drag them to reposition them so they just intersect a corner of the cube:

Now select the cube, and run Construct / Boolean / Difference to cut the cube by the revolved surfaces, this will take bites out of the corner of the cube:

If you repeat this process with more sketch curves going in kind of the other direction from the side view instead of the front view, you should be able to get a kind of cross-hatching of gouges in there which seems pretty close to what you are looking for.

- Michael