Join does not work...- please help

 From:  Michael Gibson
911.4 In reply to 911.1 
Hi Rayman - it looks like you are trying to join all the curves together?

Curves in MoI can only be joined end to end to form one loop, you can't join curves to make branched structures.

So once you've got a closed curve, you can't join anything else to it, that's why it isn't working for you there.

I'd recommend separating everything out into individual segments and then selecting one loop of segments at a time and running Construct / Planar to build a face there. It isn't necessary to join as a separate step.

Once you have built all the faces then select the faces and use join to make them into a solid.

It looks like there is some additional problem here though, I'm taking a closer look at why some faces aren't building.

- Michael