Join does not work...- please help

 From:  Michael Gibson
911.11 In reply to 911.10 
Hi Peter, I think I figured out how to describe it in not too many steps, sort of.

Starting with a hexagon centered at the origin drawn using Draw curve / Polygon / Center, then I drew a pentagon along side of it using Draw curve / Polygon Edge, to make this:

We're going to eventually use Transform / Rotate / Rotate axis to swing that pentagon up along that shared edge. The tricky part is to figure out what angle to rotate it by, we will need to create a few shapes to create a snap point right at the angle we need so we can snap on to it during the rotation.

To start with, draw this line, which extends the rotation edge a little ways:

Now a second line that drops from the point of the pentagon perpendicular to that extended pivot axis:

Imagine that point of the pentagon as it pivots around that shared edge between the hexagon and pentagon - as it swings around the edge it will follow a path of a circle - we're now going to draw that circle by snapping on to the ends of that perpendicular line that was just drawn, checking the "Vertical" option so the circle comes up vertically from the plane:

Ok, so that circle is the path that corner of the pentagon will follow as it pivots around the shared edge. Now repeat this whole sequence with a second adjacent pentagon, to get this:

The point where these 2 circles intersect is the point where you want to rotate up to - this is where the 2 adjacent pentagons touch exactly as they swing upwards.

Now you can select one pentagon, and run Transform / Rotate / Rotate Axis. This command allows you to rotate objects around any axis line that you pick by clicking 2 points. In this case the axis will be that shared edge between the hexagon and the pentagon, and then the first reference point is that one corner of the pentagon where the circle starts at, and the second reference point is that intersection point between the 2 circles. That will create this:

Now everything else can be erased, and you can select that pivoted pentagon and use Transform / Array / Circular to make 6 copies of it:

These polygon curves can be converted to surfaces by using Construct / Planar, and joined into a combined piece using Edit / Join. Mirror it over to make a top piece.

- Michael