ODE integration

 From:  curvemeister
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>>About animation, there are a lot of animation software now. I am using solidworks animator.

Realtime dynamics simulation has nothing to do with animation. It lets you treat your CAD model like a physical prototype - nudge it to see if it falls over or rolls over a table surface, manipulate moving parts interactively with the mouse and see how linked parts move, see the sweep of rotating or hanging parts in the design, open and close hinged parts like lids and covers interactively, put objects inside each other or stack them, or drop them on top of each other, and so on.

Having basic Newtonian physics simulation in the design process, which is what engines like ODE do, is a good way to spot potential problems early. It may save you from manufacturing physical prototypes with serious flaws or going back to revise a complex design that you have already spent a fair amount of time on.

I think that once you have realtime physics in the design process you won't want to design without it. How and whether it fits into the current development plan for Moi is a different question altogether.