startup screen warning

 From:  Michael Gibson
9.2 In reply to 9.1 
Hi Mike, what kind of video card do you have?

DirectX9 has two parts - one part is the DirectX libraries that you install, and the other part is the Direct3D graphics drivers that come with your video card.

If you have a video card that does not have Direct3D drivers, then Direct3D will not function on your computer. MoI uses Direct3D to display its 3D graphics.

One thing you may try is go to Start / Run and type in "dxdiag.exe". This should launch the "DirectX Diagnostic Tool". Go to the "Display" tab, and on that tab there should be a button labeled "Test Direct3D". If you don't have that button enabled, or if the tests do not function properly, then it means that you have a video card that does not support Direct3D, which means that MoI will not run on your current video card.

It's possible that you could enable Direct3D support for your video card by downloading a newer driver for it from the video card vendor.

- Michael