Edge collapse options when generating meshes

 From:  Michael Gibson
899.2 In reply to 899.1 
Hi Crusoe, this will have to wait for a bit since version 1.0 is at a feature freeze right now, I'm just fixing bugs at this point.

I'd definitely like to try a few different ideas on reducing long skinny triangles for STL export.

Edge collapse seems like it could help, but another idea is to add additional points interior to the region that is being triangulated so that triangles don't have to stretch across a wider area.

If you have any examples that are generating particularly long skinny triangles, it would help if you could send them to me at moi@moi3d.com. They don't have to be complete models, just a few samples of portions of a model that show the worst skinny triangles would help as test cases when I get a chance to work on this.

- Michael