The position & Functions of MoI

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Lish,

> 1. Where is the position of MoI, I mean on Mechanical, Industrial Design or Conceptual design ?

Do I have to pick only one? :)

I'd say that MoI has elements of all of these to a certain extent. Probably more towards the Industrial Design and Conceptual design though.

The focus of MoI is not for it to be used in just one specific industry - its focus is to be able to create simple industrial type models quickly and easily.

MoI is a particularly nice tool to use in the very early stages of creating a design since you can get stuff done really quickly with it.

For some uses you can do the entire design job completely within MoI, but for many manufacturing type designs you will probably tend to use MoI in the beginning stages and then export data to other more fancy programs for further processing.

> 2. Is the main function is same with rhino or solidworks ?

It is similar in basic functions to both of these, since it uses the same basic technology - NURBS solid modeling. But overall MoI has a more simplified approach, there are a lot more tools available to you in both Rhino and SolidWorks than in MoI. But along with more tools comes a much higher complexity and also cost. Between Rhino and SolidWorks, I would say it is closer towards Rhino.

> 3. Can I create an accurate model >>> 3D model that have certain dimension,

Yes, definitely - all the drawing tools in MoI allow for entering specific widths and heights when you use them. Like for instance you can specify an exact width and height of a rectangle, there are methods to define a specific length or angle of a drawn line, etc... There are also a wide range of snapping tools to allow you to snap points on to exact locations when drawing.

> Can I create inner model like rib.

You can by creating some geometry for the rib and then using boolean operations to merge it into the main model.

But this is a good example where something like SolidWorks becomes a lot better, they have many more specialized tools for really quickly creating manufacturing details like ribs and socket holes, etc...

> I assume Is it possible create 3D model of mobile phone complete with all component
> on the inner of mobile phone likes circuit, keypad etc.

It's possible, but most of time you would use MoI to do more of the initial body shell and not the circuit board. For many things like a circuit board you are better off with a tool that is much more customized just for that specific task.

MoI is a lot more general purpose, which makes it useful for a broad range of things, but at the same time if you are doing something very specialized a tool that has focused in that area will be a lot easier and save a lot of time.

You might want to check out this gallery thread for some examples, I think there is a mobile phone example in there somewhere:

- Michael