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 From:  Michael Gibson
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> One thing I noticed in rhino is that blended (Blendsrf) objects do not
> update when individual elements are moved, like they do in moi.

I think you can set it up to do this, you have to click in the status bar on "History" to record it for the next command that you execute.

In MoI this is a bit easier since history is always recorded for everything and updating is turned on by default for several commands like Blend for example.

> In comparison I really dig the simple UI and display of Moi


Actually MoI and Rhino can work really well together since data transfer is very seamless between them. You can even use copy and paste between them.

As you mentioned, Rhino has a whole lot of stuff in it, sometimes that can certainly be useful too. But yeah a lot of stuff tends to bring a complex UI along with it.

MoI has more of a focus on making simple things work smoothly and quickly.

- Michael