why not open source????

 From:  phonx (DDRAGON)
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OK that your take, to me the business of opensource is working well; the reason I said that is because I am a BLENDER USER and a very devoid one I might add. Think of the spawn of idea that other can do with your source code (there are great opensource library available too!) just look at apache, php, python, zope, enhydra, blender, wings3d, etc. What I want see is that you allow the community to help to grow your product and then some big company would sponsor the projects. I am sure you can get more return and still be respected for being founder!

I love your product moi3d to me is the next gen of cad\cam that is why I want to opensource it so we could advance your and the community idea faster. This is not about money issue, but the building of great product that need to grow and I belive opensource your code with alternative library might take your further. I'd still buy moi3d if it close source and may be autocad would buy you eventually- then we are lost forever.