Unable to create direct3d9 device

 From:  Michael Gibson
885.7 In reply to 885.6 
Hi Orinoco - MoI uses your video card for more than just display, it also uses some output from your video card for other purposes such as determining selection.

It's this additional usage that creates the 32-bit requirement.

When I was designing MoI, I had kind of a choice - I could have tried to support a wider range of low powered video cards, but then I wouldn't be leveraging the power that is present in more modern video cards. So I decided to go for kind of a balance - basically I target video cards that are about within 5 years old.

Video cards much older than that are quite a bit less powerful than newer generation ones.

Your one came out 7 years ago, and even then it was actually a pretty "low end" card, not actually a independent card at all but part of the motherboard chipset.

- Michael