Unable to create direct3d9 device

 From:  Orinoco
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The Graphics card is an Intel(R) 82815 Graphics Controller. I'm running a screen resolution of 1280 by 1024, 16 bit color, belay that, 24 bit color. I've run dxdiag on the advice of a friend on another forum, and passed all the tests. I've also uninstalled and reinstalled both DirectX and MoI. I have no problem running Blender.

The driver is Miniport Driver for Intel Graphics Driver, version dated 7/23/2002.


Report Date: 09,01,2007
Report Time[hr:mm:ss]: 19:06:58
Driver Version:
Operating System: Windows NT* 5.1.2600 Service Pack 2
Default Language: English
DirectX* Version: 8.1
Physical Memory: 253 MB
Processor: x86 family 6 Model 11 Stepping 1
Processor Speed: 1196 MHZ
Vendor ID: 0x8086
Device ID: 0x1132
Device Revision: 4

I notice the DirectX version reported is 8.1. How do I update this to version 9?
(I just reran the dxdiag tests: it ran and passed the DirectX 9 interface test.)

Edit: I upgraded DirectX to version 9. The version 9 dlls are now being shown in dxdiag, but the Intel Graphics report has not changed, and MoI still can't run. Passes all the tests. Very frustrating.

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