Unable to create direct3d9 device

 From:  Michael Gibson
885.2 In reply to 885.1 
Hi Orinoco - there are 2 parts to Direct3D. One part is the runtime which you downloaded and installed.

The other part is the video driver that is supplied by your video card vendor.

It is possible that your video card does not support the features that MoI needs to run - this might be the case if it is a pretty old card.

But some video cards will work if you update to their latest drivers.

Can you please tell me what kind of video card you have? It is listed under Control Panel / Display / Settings tab, under the Display: Entry.

Another thing you can try is to go to Start / Run and type in "dxdiag.exe" - this runs the DirectX diagnostic program. Once inside there, if you go to the Display tab there is a button for "Test Direct3D". If your button is grayed out or does not pass the tests, it probably means that your video card does not support 3D features.

- Michael