Michael, two quick questions...

 From:  Michael Gibson
882.2 In reply to 882.1 
Hi Will,

> First, does the Aug. 1st download now consolidate all those dll
> updates you made previously or do I need to hunt down those
> post again? (Just did a fresh install at work...)

Actually no, it doesn't - here is the post that has the 2 files to patch to be fully up to date:
http://moi3d.com/forum/index.php?webtag=MOI&msg=815.15 .

Within a couple of days or so I will be releasing a new beta with an extended expiration that will also incorporate those fixes plus a few others.

> Is there any way to >convert an existing smooth point< to a hard point?

Nope, there isn't any way right now but I would like to add this in the future.

But for now you should be able to get the same result by using Add pt and checking "Make corner point" (or holding ctrl while clicking) and placing the new hard point right nearby the smooth point, then select and delete the smooth point.

Right-clicking on an object, and also some kind of object properties panel are definitely areas that I want to work on for v2, and I think that converting between point types will be a part of that.

- Michael