Complete PC Crash!

 From:  Michael Gibson
873.2 In reply to 873.1 
Hi Storm, that doesn't sound very good! This is the first time that I have heard of this problem.

So basically, the crash happens immediately after you push the "Save" or "Export" buttons? This would normally show the Windows "pick a file name" dialog box, something is apparently going very wrong at that point.

It is possible for other programs to try and hook this dialog and customize it, sometimes this creates problems. If you are running any kind of system customization software that might try to extend file dialogs or something like that, you might try disabling that (for example Window Blinds, Doc Commander, ... ).

But it is usually quite difficult to crash the entire system like that, usually it requires some kind of system driver doing something wrong. The file dialog itself doesn't usually have much to do with the video driver, but when it opens it may involve things like drivers for removable disk drives, stuff that has to do with disks or files. If you've got anything special along those lines then that might be the culprit.

One question - does the crash also happen to you if you go to File / Open as well? Or only when saving?

Unfortunately, this one may be pretty difficult for me to fix up... But I may be able to try a couple of different changes and send you some custom builds to try and narrow down the problem. If you want to try that, we can continue this over e-mail, you can e-mail me at to start a back-and-forth debugging process.

- Michael