hopefully a simple question or three

 From:  Michael Gibson
871.2 In reply to 871.1 
> Say I make a sphere, can I add extra ISO lines and the detach/delete
> part of the object at that iso line?

V1 doesn't have anything to add isocurves specifically, but you can trim or do boolean operations between a sphere and some lines - the projection of a straight line onto a sphere will be the same as an isocurve of the sphere.

One thing that is cool about MoI is being able to do booleans (not just Trimming) between a solid and a 2D curve directly. Unlike trimming this will keep the result as a solid.

> If I project a curve onto a shape, can I then trim it

Yes, but projection is already built in to the trimming and boolean functions, so there isn't any need to do the projection first. Just trim or do a boolean with the original curve directly.

> Is there a rebuild function

No, not for V1. Note that if you have Rhino, you can use copy/paste as a quick way to move objects back and forth between them.

For v1 MoI is not very focused on manipulating surfaces by control points - it's more focused on drawing curves and constructing things by sweeps, lofts, etc..

> Is there a short cut key to move from split/4 views to top/left etc....I know
> about the buttons at the bottom of the screen, but im so used to maya
> being able to jump from view to view quickly

Yes, this is possible by setting up a shortcut key with a script macro attached to it.

One that has been pretty popular for switching the view is to set up the Space bar to either switch from a maximized view to the split view, or from the split view to maximize the view the mouse is currently over. To set this up, go to Options / Shortcut keys, and add a new entry in, set Space as the Key, and for the command put in this (paste this in as one long line):

script:if ( moi.ui.mainWindow.viewpanel.mode != 'split' ) { moi.ui.mainWindow.viewpanel.mode = 'split' } else { var viewport = moi.ui.getViewportUnderMouse(); if ( viewport ) { viewport.viewPanel.mode = viewport.name } }

It's also possible to set things up so that one key corresponds to one particular view, like 1 = split, 2 = top, 3 = front, etc... - let me know if you want the scripts for this type of thing.

Petr has also collected a bunch of other shortcut key scripts on this page: http://kyticka.webzdarma.cz/3d/moi/

Hope this helps!

- Michael