Odd behaviour after a Revolve. Move

 From:  Rob (RLUITEN)
I create a cylinder delete the top.
Then select the circle around the top of the now open cylinder and select Revolve.
Initially I used 180 degress but in this attached sample file I used 90 to better see behaviour.
I select an appropriate axis to cause the circle to rotate 90 and produce a 1/4 sphere cap.
This completes the revolve.

However if you go and select the cylinder and drag it somewhere it effects the cap you created with Revolve.
The effect is very obvious as to what is happening but I was surprise it could happen at all after Revolve was complete.
If you first move the 1/4 sphere cap somewhere else then you can move the cyclinder with no effects.

Secondary Noticed behavoiur.
The revolve tool does not remember the angle value from previous use of revolve tool.
I know fillter remembers its previous Radius setting I found this a little inconsistent.