CNC Routing

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Kevin, I'm glad that MoI is working well for you!

It can be frustrating how much of an investment most other CAD programs require. Not just in money but in time - it seems that a lot of them are set up with the idea that you will spend quite a bit of time in training courses before actually using the software...

> There is even a rumor that v1.0 will be priced with starving artists in mind... eh?

Yup, version 1.0 will be available for US $195.

> Additional features? I'd be cool if I could scan in my pencil sketches so I could trace them in Moi.

Actually, this is already covered! :) After you scan in your sketch (you'll need to use your scanner software for that part), use the View / Image command to put it in as a background image. After starting that command, use the "Add" button in the upper-right corner to insert a new image, you draw it you would a rectangle and then your image will show up inside of MoI so you can use it for a tracing guide.

There are different options for how you want the image to be displayed, there is some information on the options here:

- Michael