So, it looks we are close to the official release, Good!

 From:  Michael Gibson
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> It looks like this program would lend itself more to industrial design rather than architecture.

Hi Ypnos, yes I think that is correct.

However, there is a certain flavor of architecture that is more "industrial design-ish" and less hard-edge and boxy. MoI is a good solution to that sort of style of architecture, like stuff that does not fit inside of a more standard pattern.

It's also not too unusual for just a few certain elements of an architectural design to have a more freeform curvy structure. Like imagine a parking garage - the garage itself may be pretty straightforward and work well with standard architecture modelers, but maybe one ramp in the design needs to be made of more flowing curves. MoI can be handy for modeling just these kinds of curvy elements within a larger design.

- Michael