So, it looks we are close to the official release, Good!

 From:  Schbeurd
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>> I want to avoid that type of problem, so I don't want to add in a whole bunch of sections all at once. I'm thinking that probably an additional Tutorial and a Gallery section would be good to start with.

Maybe a WIP section would be interesting too... ;-)

Another suggestion is a place where all useful non documented tips, tricks and techniques would be gathered. Not necessarily a forum section. This may be a few pages on the web site for example.
See this message : Today, I read it and I know it's there. But imagine that I need the information one year later, maybe I won't be able to find this message again. And people discovering MoI some time after the message has been published will never see it. There are tons of such useful tips and informations on the forum and it would be great to have all of them in a safe place...