CSec Profiles, as in Rhino

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Ok Jess, good news for you - there was indeed enough scripting stuff hooked up already to make a CSec command for the current version, I've attached the new command to this message.

Here's how to use it.

First download and unzip the attached CSec.zip, copy the the 2 files (CSec.htm and CSec.js) to the \commands subfolder under your MoI main program files folder. This is the default install location:
c:\Program Files\MoI beta Aug-1-2007\commands .

That installs the new CSec command, but you need a way to trigger it - you can do this by adding a new keyboard shortcut under Options. Put in whatever key you want (like for example "C"), and put in CSec for the command.

Now you can select your CSec curves in order, and then push C, to do your CSec-ing right inside of MoI.

Here's a visual overview for others who aren't familiar with CSec. Given a set of scaffolding curves like this:

You can then pick these 4 curves (one by one in order from first to last in a circular order), then run CSec to generate a curve that interpolates a planar slice through the scaffolding. So you pick lines like this:

Which become cutting planes and each line generates a new cross-section curve. You repeat this with many lines and you get a bunch of cross-sections like this:

You can then loft through these or use them for whatever...

- Michael