support for surface degrees ?

 From:  Michael Gibson
847.2 In reply to 847.1 
Hi Jonah, MoI supports any degree for curves and surfaces from 1 to like 24 or so.

You must have hit a bug with a particular surface, probably something involving creased surfaces - yeah if you run into it again please send the file so I can squish the bug.

> In fact, I noticed they convert to degree 3 in Moi, and then revert back
> to degree 2 when copy/pasted into Rhino again.

They're actually still degree 2 in MoI, until you drag one of their points.

When you turn on control points for certain kinds of objects in MoI, MoI will show you the points for an automatically rebuilt object that will squish smoothly. This happens for arcs, circles, ellipses, and surfaces of revolution. If you move one of the points, the exact degree 2 object is replaced with the rebuilt cubic one that squishes better.

I'm sure you've seen in Rhino how exact objects like spheres do not tend to squish well unless you rebuild them - creases will develop at the fully multiple knots.

Getting creases like that tends to be a confusing thing for a lot of people, so this kind of "squishification" is an automatic process in MoI if you turn on control points.

- Michael