support for surface degrees ?

 From:  jbshorty
Hi Michael. Very often i model in Rhino using degree 1 surfaces. Today i tried copy/pasting one of them to Moi, and Moi completely locked up. I know there is no way to rebuild surfaces yet in Moi, but I'm curious if Moi is able to support non-degree-3 surfaces. If not now, then how long until you can add that support?

On a related note, Rhino surfaces of degree 2 (such as sphere and torus primitives) copy/paste to Moi just fine. In fact, I noticed they convert to degree 3 in Moi, and then revert back to degree 2 when copy/pasted into Rhino again. Neat!!! So how about supporting degree 1 ?


WEIRD - I just copy/pasted a degree 1 sphere and it worked just fine! But it split into a polysurface along the creases. I wonder why that other file was giving me trouble today? (scratching head)... Nevermind, if it happens again then i'll send a file...